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Nona’s House Atelier has been created in order to offer elegant and unique clothes, shoes and accessories for the young stars of your life!!!

The day of your child’s Christening is special not only for the child, but also for the parents and the godparents. Add a touch of singularity by choosing handmade accessories that match your sense of style exactly. Create the memories that will accompany you for a lifetime!!

Because these moments will be stories one day!!

We dispose a great variety of Brands and Collections of extremely high quality as well as a collection of handmade accessories that will enchant you. Our upper goal is to make children happy and the daily routine of clients much easier, by offering inspiration and ideas either for personal purchases or gift offers.

Nona’s House Atelier now offers you unique wedding collections. Browse through our page and discover what you have been dreaming your whole life. The designs are exquisite, the prices are impressive and the final choice exclusively up to you!!!!!!

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